rominent among the qualities that make Desmond O'Hagan's fine art paintings distinctive is the variety and uniqueness to be found in what he paints. And this is very much by design. For it is his experience that originality in the selection of subject matter is an essential ingredient in producing fine art paintings that are fresh and spontaneous. In addition to these qualities, it is important to him that each oil painting or pastel painting exhibit such artistic fundamentals as sound structure, exciting design, and harmonious color. His unique painting style has been evolving from a very young age and can be described as a style that enlists the viewer in the interpretation of details loosely portrayed. O'Hagan possesses the versatility to paint any subject, and the subjects he enjoys most to paint in oils and pastels range widely from figurative and landscape paintings to urban paintings of a variety of cities.

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"New York City - Day" 36"x 48" oil